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Resources and Links:

  • Gibbons, The Silver Swan
  • Hindemith, Six Chansons
  • Ratay, The Sundial
  • Tallis, Spem in alium
    • Practice Tracks
    • Lin says:
      • You don’t have to buy the download. You can play on your computer for free.
      • You can click on your individual voice part – they are labeled differently than CCS.
        Soprano = CCS Sop I
        Alto = CCS Sop II
        Tenor = CCS Alto
        Bass 1 = CCS Tenor
        Bass 2 = CCS Bass 
      • Individual tracks have all choruses playing softly in background so you can follow the music. Your chorus is played a bit louder (so you can hear where your chorus comes in and then your individual part is play most prominently. You can also play your chorus as a whole unit.
      • Choruses 1,2,3,4 are on the top of the page, Choruses 5,6,7,8 are on the bottom. In between the blocks where the vocal parts are located is the player (to the left of the Big Ad).
      • Note: You can slow down the speed to accommodate learning those tricky runs.
  • Toch, Geographical Fugue


    • Dues are $130 per semester (which includes all the music) and are due to Steve ASAP. Make checks out to Cambridge Chamber Singers or pay via PayPal here:ONE SEMESTER/$130:

      FULL YEAR/$260:
  • The Board can consider hardship exemptions. Talk to Steve.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Add this Google cal for an up-to-date schedule of rehearsals: